Advanced Money Laundering

Advanced Money Laundering is the most powerful & high quality money washing script in FiveM! It has been completely re-engineered to provide an immersive, unique & smooth experience.



✅ Compatibility

Default compatibility with all major frameworks such as ESX, QBCore & QBox and easily adaptable to any framework with some technical know-how!

📊 Performance

Extremely optimized running at 0.00-0.01ms on both client & server side due to efficient systems such as caching.

✏️ Customizability

With over 600+ lines of configurations possible you can tailor our money washing script to fit your server's unique needs specifically.

📈 Leveling System

Completely customizable and powerful experience & leveling system included giving you full control over the user experience.

📱 Phone Integration

Includes default support for major phone systems such as: qb-phone, npwd, qs-smartphone, qb-smartphonepro, lb-phone, gksphone & the yseries phones with easy adaptability for custom options.

🎮 Plug n' Play

Spend less time setting up and more time getting into the action with over 75+ included locations and support for police dispatch scripts such as cd_dispatch, qs-dispatch, core_dispatch, rcore_dispatch & more.

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