Common Issues

TextUI does not go away

This issue means you are not on the latest version of ox_lib. As stated in the Install Instructions, it is important that you ensure you are on the latest version of ox _lib. To update, simply download the latest release package below and drag & drop to replace & you're done!

No such export GetPlayerItems

This error means you are on an outdated version of ox_inventory and do not have the GetPlayerItems export, therefore you need to update. Simply update to the latest release package below and this issue will be resolved! Remember to take a backup of your current version so you don't lose any data!

My issue isn't listed here

We just released version 2.0.0+ of our Advanced Weed Growing resource and therefore will update this section as we identify common issues. Feel free to open a support ticket in our Discord or contact us via if you need assistance!

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