Advanced Metal Detecting


Unearth the hidden treasures of your city with our Advanced Metal Detecting resource. Meticulously crafted for the dedicated player, this innovative resource elevates your players gameplay to new heights. Dive deep into an immersive experience where every step could lead to a hidden gem just beneath the surface. The distinct beeps of your metal detector will be your guide, leading you closer to buried riches.

Features List:

  • 5 custom Metal Detector props

  • Built-In experience/leveling system

  • View your stats & progress at any time

  • Tracks players total items found & money earned

  • Includes 50+ items

  • Add an unlimited amount of items

  • Customize the quantity rewarded for each item

  • Adjust how much XP is rewarded for each item

  • Change how much each item sells for

  • Customize the "chance" to find each item

  • Customize which Metal Detector belongs to which level

  • Each Metal Detector has a unique & configurable loot pool

  • Each Metal Detector has unique & configurable cooldown

  • Each Metal Detector has a unique & configurable radius

  • Highly detailed Discord webhook logs

  • Configurable disabled keys while metal detecting

  • Customize the experience required to reach each level

  • Customize all animations & props

  • Configure which types of soil can be metal detected on

  • Open source bridge

  • Open source function files

  • .. and much more!

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