Install Instructions

Step 1 - Add Audio File

First & foremost, it is important we add the audio file named md_beep.ogg found in the lation_detecting/install folder to our interact-sound resource. To do this is simple: navigate to your server's resource folder and find interact-sound/client/html/sounds folder. Once there, drag & drop the md_beep.ogg file into this folder, it should look something like this:

Are you using xsound?

If so, the process remains the same! Just add your md_beep.ogg audio file to xsound/html/sounds. Please remember to also open the config.lua of xsound and set config.interact_sound_enable to true!

Step 2 - Update Manifest

Next up, we have to update the fxmanifest.lua file of the interact-sound resource to ensure our audio file is loaded properly upon server start up. To do this, simply navigate to the root folder of interact-sound and open the fxmanifest.lua file. At the bottom, you should see something like this:

All we have to do is add our newly added audio file to the bottom of the list, like this:


Step 3 - Import SQL

Next up, we have to import our SQL file into your database. The SQL file can be found also in the lation_detecting/install folder, named import.sql. This step could look differently for each user depending on how you interact with your database. If you need assistance with this step, reach out to us via Discord by clicking here!

Step 4 - Add Items

Lastly, we have to add the items & their images to our inventory. This step could also look different for each user. But put simply, you'll find in lation_detecting/install folder another folder named images. You will drag and drop these images into your inventory resource where images are stored. Next, you'll find a folder named items as well which will contain a list of all the items that will be added to your inventory items list depending on which inventory you use.


We hope you enjoy the resource! We'd love to hear your feedback by joining our Discord here!

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