Advanced Scuba Diving



Advanced Diving is a scuba diving job available on both ESX & QBCore frameworks. Start by speaking to the NPC set at whichever location you desire. Create a group, invite some friends and start a scuba diving job together! Or take it on solo - your choice. Before you dive in, you will need equipment. Some of these crates are deep underwater and you'll need some gear to reach them. Be sure to purchase your gear from the NPC. When equipped and worn while diving it will display an oxygen timer on your screen telling you exactly how much time you have remaining. As the time decreases, the color of the display will adjust so you don't lose track! Have your own boat? Great! If not, the NPC has got you covered as well. Rent a speedy 4-seater boat and get out on the water as soon as possible! When finding a crate, pick it up! Opening the crates can reward any item you set in the config. Not just 1 item, but as many items as you want! Fully customize how many items, the quantity you want to give of that item & the rarity of that item! It's a fully customizable "mystery box!" As long as you or your group is not disbanded from the diving menu, the NPC will continue to update you on the latest crate locations once you and/or your group has picked up the current crate.

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