Advanced Weed Growing

Advanced Weed Growing is the most feature rich and performance friendly weed growing script in FiveM. It has been completely re-engineered to provide an immersive, interactive & smooth experience.



Performance Extremely optimized 0.00ms at idle & 0.02ms (server + client) with 1000+ actively growing plants. Custom Models Includes 30 custom models to create unique & individual strains. Immersive Animations Dive deeper into the role with improved animations and props. Interaction Support Choose between using TextUI or a target system for interactions. Admin Management All-encompassing in-game menu for admins to manage plants.

Growth System A completely customizable, efficient and realistic plant growth system. Plant Placement Highly interactive planting allowing precise control over where you grow. Death Mechanic Set conditions for plant death due to lack of water, food or low quality. Supply Shop Optional & customizable in-game supply shop for all plant care needs. Seed Searching Create & customize your seed farms with new prop spawning support. Item Requirements Various customizable item requirements for planting & harvesting. Discord Logs Customize webhook links per category in a dedicated logging file for security. Interactive Rolling A new mechanic making joint rolling more interactive and realistic. Enhanced Smoking Light up joints with completely customizable effects and realism. Easy Setup Streamline script installation with automatic SQL detection & injection. Open Functions Many open source functions available for custom edits & integrations.

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